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Technical Support


We provide support for many computers including configuration, installation, and troubleshooting. We can support technology-equipped classrooms, and public computing workstations.


We can review your current technology and provide a comprehensive technical analysis, along with System Infrastructure Design, Hardware Assessment and Security Check.


We can provide IT management to oversee all matters related to technology operations to ensure that resources and associated employees are utilized properly and supports your organization.


If you need help using Google services with your company or school, contact our Google Suite administrators who have experience managing Google services and can help you get the going.

Technical Service Options:

 IT Management – Pay one price and we take care of all the headaches

We become your Technology Leader and will provide technical support to your company. We cost less than hiring your own employees. Most issues will be fixed remotely, however we can come on-site to install or move equipment as needed.

Blocks of Hours – Purchase “Technology Support time” in advance.

You call us when you need us and we give you the assistance when its actually needed to support your ongoing technical needs. Hours can be purchased in advance, which can help prevent problems before they happen.

Project Management – You know what needs to get done but you don’t have the time or resources to do the project internally.

We work with you to create a scope-of-work that describes all the objectives you want accomplished and we give you a proposal to get the job done.