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Maine & Moss is here to take your business to another level. We specialize in Designs, Digital Printing, and Customized Websites. While we work hard to help you develop a brand for your company, we work even harder to stay up to date with the latest products we can offer to you.

In 2011, we added our Apparel services, giving you the opportunity to allow your members to showcase your customized garmets and define your Brand. In 2014, we added more business services, to help with start-up business as well as existing businesses. Whether you are new the entrepreneur world or have been in business for many years, we strive to be your "One-Stop-Shop" business for everything you need to be successful. We hope that you enjoy your visit on our website and look forward to working with you.

Operation: Business Impossible


Maine & Moss Small Business Development Group is proud to announce


This new feature of Maine & Moss is designed to help small business owners in

new business ventures and strategies.

For Start-Up Businesses, our newly designed program will help Jump-Start your dream of becoming a business owner. We offer a customized package that will provide you with everything needed to successfully launch your new company. From logo designs to company websites, we believe that you must open your business with all the necessary tools to prepare you for success.

For Existing Businesses, we understand that sometimes we all need a “push” to keep going. Regardless of how many years you have been in existence, our business development program will bring new marketing strategies and a sales approach that will increase your revenue. We will work hard to “bring back the life” to your company and reignite the desire to succeed.

In order to benefit from our Small Business Development services, you must first have a Consultation. During this meeting, we will gather as much necessary information to accurately analyze your needs and compare them to the services we offer.

To schedule your consultation, please call (973) 687-2425 or email us customerservice@maineandmoss.com.


We look forward to working with you soon.



Welcome to the new and improved Maine & Moss Website.  We’ve been providing so many new customized websites that we haven’t had the time to update our own.  We’ve taken your feedback into consideration and now present a more User-Friendly website.  This website better outlines the services we offer and makes it easier for you to get a better understanding of what can be done through Maine & Moss.  We hope your enjoy your online visit and await your order.



Do you need uniforms for your staff?  Are you looking for uniforms for your team?  Would you like your school students to wear a customized uniform?  Let Maine & Moss take your BRAND to another level.  We provide quality items that distinguish your company from all others.  From Give-A-Way T-Shirts to Varsity Letterman Jackets, we do it all. 

What makes our Apparel more unique than others is that our Color Variety is broader than your typical apparel company.  We take your every-day Black and Greys and add Tangerine Orange along with Apple Red and so much more.  The turn-around time is simply amazing.

Visit the Contact Us Page to send your request for a Price Quote.

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